Pole Creek Baptist Church



A revival was held at Sodom (a building on Sodom Mountain), and some 20-25 were saved and baptized. It was decided that the community needed a church. Pole Creek was organized on September 30, 1916.

The Presbytery and committees were as follows:

Presbytery Elders:               J. D. Colley, chairman
                                                 J.C. Bennett
                                                 W.T. McFalls
                                                 Terrell Shope

Names of Committeess:        Hominy: H.H. Morgan; T.F. Hall
                                                  Liberty:  L.C. Holcombe; J.C. Robinson
                                                  Zion Hill: Burton Clark

Charter Membership:          From Liberty Church

                                                 Ervin Boyd                          Lizzie Boyd
                                                 J.M. Norris                          Mrs. Joe Norris
                                                 Robert Harris                      Gertrude Trull Harris
                                                 Joe Henson                         Ethel Henson
                                                 W.A. Shope                        Mrs W.A. Shope
                                                 T.V. Shope                          Jennie Shope
                                                 Agnes Brooks                    Ada Shope Robinson
                                                 Destie Norris                       Novie Norris Fletcher
                                                 Ellen Fore                            Laura Brown
                                                 W.H. Harris                         R.J. Hutchinson

The first ones to join the newly organized church by letter were:

                                 W.T. McFalls                  T.F. Hall                    Sallie Hall

L.M. Clark and Eliza Clark also were members but it does not state how they joined.

Soon after completion a revival was held by Rev. W.T. McFalls. Twenty or more were saved and baptized.
Among them were:

Ethel Trull McFalls                                                       Nellie Shope Cathey Baldwin
Leila Shope Trull Pless                                                Kenneth Shope
Shirley Roberson McElrath                                        Georgia McFee McCadden
Hester McFee Swain                                                   Ola McFee Brown
Ethel Rash McFee                                                        Lela Rash McCall
Alton Hall                                                                      John Hall





The first church building was located at the intersection of Milksick Cove, Pole Creek and Cathey Roads. It was a one room wood building heated by a potbelly stove. The pulpit area was raised. The wall area was built in a bay effect with two windows. The pews were long slatted benches. To the left side of the pulpit was a two bench "amen" corner.



The second building was located beside the first one and built on February 28, 1947. The concrete block basement was divided into Sunday School rooms. The rest of the building was of wood with asbestos siding. It was heated by a coal furnace and the pews were wood theater-type seats.


Pictured is the ground-breaking for the present church building. Left to right - Thurman Brown, Rev. Bryce Wright, Harrison Hall, Vance Pressley, Rev. G.W. Jameson, Floyd McElrath, Lawrence Massie, Varnell "Cotton" Mehaffey, Jim G. Hutchison, Glenn Stamey, Howard Harris, Ada Shope Robinson, Byrd Metcalf, R.P. Phillips Jr., Grover McElrath, Lloyd McCall, Nathan Plemmons, Manuel Harris, Joe Brown, Mrs. Nathan Plemmons, Wendell Gevedon and Vaudie Robinson. Many of these have gone on to glory.


Located across the road from the origional site, the third building was built April 10, 1961. It is a brick building and was heated by an oil furnace. Additional Sunday School rooms were added in 1971. This Educational building was three floors. A fellowship hall and kitchen were located on the bottom floor.



Under the blessings of God, Pole Creek experienced phenomenal growth, and in 1981 ground was broken to signal the beginning of construction which would double the size of the auditorium. The first service was held in this new edifice on January 3, 1982. Pole Creek has continued to see many new members added by professions of faith and baptism; also, by letter and statement.



Built in 2000, the Family Life Center is not just for entertainment, but is used as a tool to reach out to all ages of the neighborhood. We thank God for blessing us with such a wonderful facility to evangelize and embrace the community.


Ground was broken for our new Fellowship Hall-Education Building on September 12, 1999 and it was dedicated on April 1, 2001. Pole Creek continues to reach people for Christ and to strengthen and expand its ministries for the cause of Christ. May the blessings of God rest upon this church as we seek to carry out our commission.

Pole Creek Baptist Church
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