The Bridge Academy at Pole Creek

Bridging Faith & Education

Bridging Faith & Education

How We Began

Pole Creek’s leadership began praying over the possibility of Pole Creek starting a Christian School as a ministry of the church in January 2022. Around January 30, 2022, Pole Creek’s elders appointed an exploratory team to begin researching the possibility. Over the next 10 months, the exploratory team researched by meeting with local head’s of school, visiting Christian academies, talking to experts in the field of Christian education, exploring various curricula, and engaging in budgetary formulation.

After conducting two question and answer sessions with the Pole Creek congregation, Pole Creek overwhelmingly voted in favor, on October 30, 2022, of establishing a Christian school.

With our church’s rich history spanning over a century, we have a strong tradition of active community engagement, consistently upholding the principles of love, kindness, and a commitment to community service. This experience will be shared with the school, further enriching the educational journey. 

Who We Are

Our Mission:

Empowering students with a Christ-centered education, The Bridge Academy commits to foster academic excellence, nurture a vibrant biblical worldview, and inspire a transformative impact on the Candler community, our state and nation, and the world at large.

Our Vision:

We envision The Bridge Academy to be a vibrant learning community where students, guided by biblical principles and a Christian worldview, excel academically and actively contribute to positive global change.

  • We are committed to providing a high-quality Christian education that not only equips students with knowledge but also instills strong moral values and character, contributing to responsible, compassionate citizens.
  • The Bridge Academy will be a hub for families seeking faith-based education. We foster a sense of belonging and unity among parents, students, and educators, strengthening family bonds.
  • The values that will be instilled in our students act as a guiding light for the entire community, promoting honesty, respect, and empathy in our society.
  • Our school will contribute to local economic growth by providing employment opportunities and attracting families who become active consumers in our community.


We are presently engaged in the meticulous process of formulating the budget for the academic year 2024/2025. In due course, we will be disseminating the tuition fee schedule. We sincerely appreciate your patience as we undertake thorough due diligence and strategic planning to ensure a comprehensive and well-considered financial framework. 

Our commitment to accessible education is evident through scholarship programs, ensuring that no student is denied a quality education due to financial constraints. (Opportunity Scholarship Program of NC)

Our goal is that The Bridge Academy will begin enrollment in the spring of 2025 and first classes will begin in the fall of 2025. The first year of The Bridge Academy will consist of grades K-4 with one grade being added successively each year thereafter. Our goal is to have a comprehensive K-12 private Christian school for Candler and the surrounding areas for decades to come.

The Bridge Academy Academic Framework

How You Can Help

Any financial support extended during this inaugural phase will be allocated towards the procurement of both physical and digital assets aimed at promoting awareness of this initiative. We express our gratitude in advance for your contribution. If you'd like to give, please click the button below and select "The Bridge Academy at Pole Creek."

The Bridge Academy Principal Job Opening

We are looking for a Principal for The Bridge Academy. If you or someone you know is interested in this position, please contact our Church Office or email your resume & cover letter to Pastor Ben. The job description is available by clicking the button below. 

The Bridge Academy Volunteer Registration

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