The Bridge Academy at Pole Creek

Bridging Faith & Education

Dear Pole Creek Congregants and Community

We wanted to take a moment to update everyone on the status of the Bridge Academy initiative.

After much prayer, reflection, and discernment, the Elders and Oversight Team have collectively decided to halt the development of the Bridge Academy at this time. Our decision stems from a deep sensitivity to God's voice and a recognition of the importance of focusing on the internal healing and growth of our church community before embarking on external ministry endeavors.

Please know that this decision was not made lightly, and we acknowledge the incredible work and dedication that has been poured into this project thus far. We believe that the progress made can be preserved and utilized in the future, serving as a valuable resource when the time is right.

In essence, we plan to preserve the achievements of the Oversight Team throughout this initiative to date for future consideration and implementation as deemed appropriate by the church leadership and community.

We will be closing down the Bridge Academy giving fund effective immediately and will look to the stewardship team and legal accounting rules on the ultimate disposition of the funds in that account currently. 

We appreciate everyone's support and understanding as we navigate this decision together. Let us continue to lean on God's guidance as we move forward in unity and purpose.


The Bridge Academy Oversight Team