What is R.E.A.L. Women?

At Pole Creek, we value women! We have three thriving Women’s Missionary Union (WMU) circles, Bible studies just for women, a fitness ministry that meets 4x per week, groups of ladies that attend women’s conferences together and much more!

Introducing the new R.E.A.L. Women’s Ministry. R.E.A.L. is an acronym that stands for Relationship, Encouragement, Authenticity and Laughter – ALL important components of a ministry of women for women. The heart of R.E.A.L. is to coordinate the communication of the existing ways for women to engage in our church and also to provide many more opportunities. In the months to come, you will see events focused on fellowship - within the women of our church, outreach - to fellowship with women outside our church, missions - to serve others, and study - to get to know God and his word better. Stay tuned! And as always, if you want to be more deeply involved in R.E.A.L. or have any questions, contact the Church Office, at 828-667-4053.

Upcoming Events for Women

We have events just for Women! Some of our past events include Women's Board Game Night, Craft Evening, Learn to Stencil, Small Groups Study, and Fit4Christ Women's Workout. All events will be listed under our Upcoming Events page.

Moms at the Creek

Pole Creek hosts a local moms group here in Candler! For more information, please click on the card below.

Women's Missionary Union Information

Women's Missionary Union (WMU) is all about missions! We learn about missions and live to missionally by serving others in the community. There are 3 women's circles to choose from, each reaching different areas of the community. For more information, contact Linda Walden by EMAIL.